Genius Coaching

One of my basic beliefs concerning human development and healthy psychological and spiritual growth is that each individual experiences periods throughout their lives when the specific challenges and sufferings that they are facing are directly related to not living up to their in-born potential. When our innate talents and qualities are not being used and expressed, any number of symptoms ranging from depression and anxiety to various physical symptoms can manifest in your life. Or you might have an experience of simply feeling stuck and not knowing what’s next. This is YOUR genius calling you to tune in.

I work with individuals who are facing various life challenges by helping to uncover and identify their Genius talents and qualities. My process empowers you to develop ways to bring forward your inner genius and express it in your life. Incorporating and integrating these essentially individual modes of expression into daily life can bring a sense of fulfillment and purpose that automatically addresses and alleviates many of the symptoms that present themselves in midlife.

Through an initial interview, together we will set up a program specific to your current situation that will identify what your life callings are, and a method to bring them forward so that you can make room for them to be expressed in your life, and therefore create a more balanced and fulfilling expression of your truest self, which may have been missing for quite a long time.

You can choose from an initial Genius coaching session via Skype or telephone or a special coaching and mentoring pack bundled with my Summoning Genius book.

Your investment for a 50-minute coaching/mentoring session is $140.

Genius Way Mentoring Package

When you find yourself asking the question “what now?” you’re in a place that many people find themselves and a place that is perfect for tapping into your genius.

It is extremely helpful to work with a professional mentor during your periods of transition to identify the specific qualities and life callings YOU were born with.

I’ve created a specialized Genius Mentoring Package designed to help you to create a “blueprint” of your Genius qualities and callings through four one on one sessions in Ashland, Oregon, via Skype or by phone. We will work together using specific tools, exercises, personal inventories, and personal guidance to help you uncover the Genius qualities that you already have, but may be unaware of.

After you go through the 4-session program, you will be prepared to explore and manifest using the “blueprint” that you have created from your work with me.

The Genius Mentoring Package includes the following:

  • Four 90-minute Genius sessions via telephone or Skype
  • 30 days of email access to me, Ben, as you discover your genius way
  • A signed copy of SUMMONING GENIUS – plus a digital copy
  • Weekly exercises to print, download and review during your sessions
  • Specific techniques to activate your genius and get you unstuck

Your investment for the Genius Way Mentoring Package is only $997

Please email me at to schedule a Genius Coaching Session or Mentoring Package