Summoning Genius:
A Midlife Guide to Discovering Identity,
Purpose and Meaning

Summoning Genius: A Midlife Guide to Discovering Identity, Purpose, and Meaning is a book that can be read again and again as a companion to anyone’s midlife challenges. This book offers practical guidance, helpful exercises and inspirational support for people who are struggling to find value, meaning, and purpose in the second half of life, and explores the questions and issues that arise in the process.

Each section offers clear and practical insights pertaining to the trials and pitfalls that may appear at different stages of anyone’s midlife transition. It’s pages can gently support or courageously provoke life-changing actions and decisions that may need to be made by the reader in order to continue to grow, change, and develop as an individual. Book now available as an eBook and a Paperback!

“Summoning Genius offers a cogent guide through the challenging
passage of midlife by focusing on key issues of identity, purpose
and meaning. At a time when so many are searching for answers,
this book provides a comprehensive approach to finding and
engaging our individual Genius spirit. Drawing upon his extensive
experience as a psychotherapist and mentor, Ben Hummell
summons up many insights, examples, and exercises that help
ignite a passion for life.”

—Michael Meade, renowned Mythologist,
Author of Fate and Destiny and The Genius Myth

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