About Ben

Ben is a Licensed Professional Counselor and a Marriage and Family Therapist. At the age of nineteen Ben was drawn to the practice of meditation and dedicated himself to a life of spiritual discipline and the goal of enlightenment. He found himself teaching spirituality and helping to guide other spiritual seekers on their individual paths at an early age. The combination of his youthful enthusiasm, idealism, and a genuine spiritual calling fueled the path throughout his 20’s, 30’s and 40’s. During those 30 years, he was a Spiritual Counselor, Public Speaker, Entrepreneur, Woodworker, and Musician.

At the age of 49, Ben found himself in the midst of a difficult life transition; a spiritual disillusionment and loss of faith had lead him to yet another search for identity, life meaning, and purpose. After years of disorientation, confusion, and struggle, he came to learn about the ancient concept of a Genius spirit that is born with every individual – a life-guiding force complete with talents, abilities, and a genuine calling to a unique expression of one’s gifts. His research into Genius helped Ben to realize that one of his Genius traits had always been to help others to navigate difficult life transitions and encourage them during that process.

Ben’s professional training is as a Depth Psychotherapist, which means that his approach to helping others through difficult times always takes Soul into consideration when addressing the issues that his clients bring to their sessions. His work with others is also strongly influenced by his 36 years of meditation practice, which has developed into an ability to work with others with depth and wisdom.

Ben offers private and group therapy sessions in Ashland, Oregon as well as individual Genius Coaching sessions by phone or on Skype.

Essential to Ben’s approach is the idea that the uncovering of one’s Genius continues throughout the entirety of life. He has seen that many pivotal changes and resolutions to problems can take place in a person’s life by uncovering their unique Genius talents and embodying them actively in the world.

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