The Importance of Imagination  

Everything we see around us made by man was originally an image in someone’s mind. As a craftsman who built furniture for more than 25 years, I was constantly amazed while looking at a finished dresser or cabinet because I knew that this was originally just an idea and a picture in my head! How did this get here? Even though I had gone through the process of building the dresser piece by piece, there was a disconnect once the work was done and the fantasy of the thing was sitting there completed in front of me. It always felt like some sort of magical occurrence.

Genius at work in our lives operates in the same way. We are provided with images, inclinations and motivations for specific things by our Genius spirit, which are uniquely ours. These things have their OWN desire to be manifested in the world regardless of whether we’ve listened to their message up until now. Think about that for a second. Our Genius has its OWN desire to manifest things. We, living as separate, ego-oriented people, operate under the assumption that we are on our own, as individuals striving for some sort of success against all odds in a challenging world. Now imagine that there is actually something very real inside of us, constantly calling and motivating us to express things that will bring us the fulfillment that we naturally crave. An inner awareness is already providing the images and impulses necessary to be creatively happy, and this is the genius that is in complete congruence with the universe. Creative expression wants to happen through us; Genius is actually pulling us towards this endeavor as much as we are making the effort to go towards it.

The Genius spirit never stops sending its messages to us; it is operating under its organic functioning in doing so. We can call this the instinct that humans seem to have lost somewhere along the way. When we see someone following the messages of their Genius, it may appear that they are acting in an impractical or even foolish way, spending their time building an ark or studying an ancient language that no one speaks any more. But following the breadcrumbs being left by our Genius is a true and intelligent way to participate with a part of ourselves that has been largely ignored by modern man.

Participation with our Genius spirit usually begins with paying attention to our unique fantasies and imaginings, and taking their promises of freedom and fulfillment seriously. We have made bank accounts, following societal norms, and living as practical consumers some of the most important functions of our lives, while ignoring our inborn tendencies. Only by bringing out the Genius we were born with will we be able to achieve the fulfillment that we attempt to extract from the “practical” things.

This is not to say that while living in a society we don’t need to pay the mortgage, take care of our family, or contribute in some way to our communities. But these activities become hollow without giving any attention to our innate Genius. Without acknowledging our Genius sprit, we are living without the imaginal and creative sustenance that we were born with. This essential nourishment cannot be had by climbing social ladders of success or by being wealthy. Instead, it is had by uncovering our inner integrity which stems from listening and embodying our innate Genius nature. This nature never needs to be created, just listened to and left to unfold naturally in our lives.



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