Seeing from outside the cage

Encountering our Genius feels like visiting an old friend. One that used to inspire and provoke us to take chances, explore things that were new and strange, and simply to spend time being just who we were for no reason whatsoever. It feels like a homecoming made sweeter by the fact that our home was a place we had forgotten altogether, and we arrive to find a familiar and loving environment that still remembers and welcomes us, and that knows our true selves regardless of how deeply we’ve forgotten them.

Remember that the idea of Genius as our guardian spirit has at its core our Genius’ certainty of purpose for us, and that it holds the blueprint of our particular life. While we may vacillate between various modes of expression or career choices, or struggle balancing family responsibility and individualism, our Genius is singular in direction and focus. The sooner we can recognize Genius as a part of ourselves, the sooner we will be able to access the strength of conviction, purpose and meaning it carries. If we can recognize that we are not alone as a separate, disconnected ego in our quest for fulfillment, we can accept its help and inner guidance towards our unique expression of what we came here to do.

One step that we can take toward the recognition of our Genius is by a daily practice of stepping outside of what has become our familiar framework for decision making and making sense of our experiences. Let’s call it our cage. We start by literally imagining our life situation and circumstances existing inside this cage. As we begin to move around this enclosed space, we can see that there is little to no perspective we can gain from within its walls. We are far too close to see anything clearly. Suddenly a door appears and we walk through it. We find a place of peace and solitude out here. From outside the cage, we can suddenly see our worries and concerns contained in this small place from a unique and impersonal perspective, as if these concerns were someone else’s. From this safe distance, we may even be able to offer this “someone else” some helpful advice and insight about how to approach their situation differently that they have been up until now. As we walk around the circumference of the cage dispassionately, we may also discover possible solutions to old and persistent problems that were simply not visible from the inside. Since we are comfortably outside the cage, we have all the time in the world to witness the dynamics that contribute to the problems, and may actually see a way of untangling old knots of conflict and confusion.

To be able to give ourselves this daily break outside the cage isn’t a luxury, it’s a necessity. This is the space where our Genius lives and views our lives. From inside the cage, our Genius callings may seem like just one more vague and inconvenient feeling that we are having to deal with along with all of the others. But from the outside, we can clearly hear how Genius is offering a unique solution from its deep knowledge of us that it has had from the beginning. Stepping outside of our cage is a daily creative act or ritual that honors our Genius and allows solutions to appear.

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