Our unique Genius expression

The word education can be traced from the Latin wordeducere, which means to lead or to bring forth. Since there is a Genius spirit in each individual, one’s education was originally meant to bring forth the person’s Genius so that its unique qualities would become a blueprint for their learning and life expression. Teachers, instead of supplying outer knowledge and instruction, would help the child uncover their inbuilt Genius traits. Doing so would point out and indicate a person’s strengths and talents for expressing their particular colors and flavors of their chosen field of interest. Because of the uniqueness of each person, their individual perspective and expression of those strengths and talents would be one of a kind, and could never be authentically repeated by anyone else.

So since there is and will be literally only one of each of us, it is uniquely important to “bring forth” our Genius and allow its expression to manifest in the world. This expression is no less than an existential mandate, since existence has gone to the trouble to imbue us with our inner Genius qualities for the purpose of outward expression.

Although it may sound like hubris, it can be argued that we are literally depriving the world, (or the part of the world we have the opportunity to touch), of the Genius gifts we have come here to give. In the light of this truth, being a little hubristic can be a good and even necessary thing. If we don’t succumb to the falsehood of our uniqueness making us “better” than others, we can be fully engaged in the great pleasure of being our “one of a kind” selves. Like each single sunflower, similar yet unique in its form stands alongside others like itself, together creating a magnificent field of yellow, we as human flowers can live and express ourselves alongside each other without the fear of losing our individuality.

Our Genius qualities are never competitive with others’ Genius qualities; they are meant to compliment and inspire one another. Competition comes from the need to be better than another because of a fear of being less than, and ultimately valueless. This fear simply comes from the insecurity of not knowing the value of our innate Genius qualities. It comes from not having had our Genius brought out, discovered, honored, and explored. When our Genius spirit is given expression, we experience a state of fearlessness accompanied by a sense of deep satisfaction. We are fully engaged in our life’s work, and so have no time to dwell in comparison or competition.

It is because of the basic, inbuilt need of our Genius to be expressive that we are beset with the urge and the urgency to uncover our own channels for the giving of our Genius gifts.

At midlife, it becomes clear to many of us that we have not been properly “educated” in this way. The qualities of our Genius weren’t properly invited, acknowledged or encouraged by our parents or teachers. For most of us, if we’ve found any qualities of Genius at all, it has been on our own, and largely in spite of others’ lack of encouragement. Many of us have had to suffer to express something completely natural in ourselves, and may have received the message that by making our creative expression so important, we were being selfish and indulgent. So instead of feeling deep satisfaction from the discovery and expression of Genius, the experience of creative expression is tinged with a sense of suffering, making it a bittersweet, somewhat lonely experience. For many of us, it is time to re-educate ourselves by leading out our Genius spirit with a sense of purpose, responsibility, and gratitude.

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