Midlife as a time of Growth

In order to experience midlife as a growth process, we will need to take whatever is happening in our lives as an impetus and opportunity for changing our life approach. When we try to employ methods of living that have worked before in our younger lives, we invariably fall short of the mark. That was a time for pushing forward, forging trails, and making a mark on the world by exercising sheer will and ego strength. This approach was necessary at the time in order to develop a sense of self distinct from others. What this time period doesn’t provide however are the conditions needed to uncover all of our innate talents and creative leanings to their fullest.

Midlife Growth, however is a time of responding to life’s cues cooperatively. Many of us have stagnated at Midlife, not knowing how to become unstuck from the limitations we find ourselves experiencing. However, something inside of us is calling us to grow and change in order to continue our journey. This is a time of seeing our limitations simply as boulders in the stream of our lives that we initially crash against, and ultimately flow around in any way we can to continue further down the stream of experience. The boulders are not there to stop us, but to engage us in a life-giving play of creativity that generates energy and opens up opportunities to see ourselves differently than before. If there is anything that is required for Midlife Growth to take place, it is the willingness to see ourselves in a new way, and to respond to long forgotten callings of our innate Genius.

This can be a frightening prospect when seen from the “Midlife Crisis” side of the equation. But if we encounter the crisis willingly, realizing the deep and essential need to change our basic perceptions of ourselves for the sake of moving with the flow of life again, we are energized and excited at the prospect. We become explorers of our own consciousness, which engenders new experiences and realizations. We can begin again to learn about ourselves as individuals whose growth and development continues until our physical death, and possibly beyond.

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